MegaDevotion - Cross-Chain for Decentralized Secure Finance.
MegaDevotion is The first payment DeFi token created by the MegaDevotion team, the ability to exchange through a bridge in the BSC network.
The MegaDevotion ecosystem token, DEV, is used in DEX, Telegram bots, sites, NFT Marketplace, and is also traded on centralized exchanges.
👨‍🏫 KYC
📊 0% Tax & Slippage
⏳ FairLaunch Date: 15.09.2022- 00:00 GMT
📝 Contract: 0x0463Cde7E20bC2cbB4E6C2dc08c531692aC5eF1f
Total Supply: 200,000,000,000 DEV
💥 DEV refferal rewards automatically on your wallet!