The Market Protocol empowers anyone to create isolated interest rate markets that enable borrowing and lending of any token based asset which supports the ERC-20 specification.
These markets are customisable and can be easily updated by the creator / governance. They can control aspects such as:
Assets supported, each asset's LTV & Interest Rate Model
Close Factor & Liquidation Incentive
Reserves & Administrator fee
This customisable nature of our markets allows us to build new use cases on top of lending/borrowing markets, because ultimately supporting any ERC-20 asset requires two things:
Way to get the price of the asset (price-feed oracle)
Way to access liquidity of the asset (to liquidate an unhealthy position)
This allows us to support a long tail of assets such as Uniswap V2 LP tokens which is a non-standard asset that represents a liquidity share of a token pair.
Market is currently Fuse by on Polygon and upcoming L2 solutions. Fuse internally uses Compound Protocol and each Isolated market can be thought of as an isolated Compound Pool.