Aventus.io is a customisable layer-2 blockchain network that lets developers build on Ethereum and other blockchains at scale to process transactions at 100x the speed and 1% of the typical cost. The Aventus leadership team is made up of several Forbes 30 Under 30 Winners and the advisory board includes Daniel Masters, Executive Chairman of CoinShares, and Professor William Knottenbelt of Imperial College London. Aventus clients include ​​LiveNation France, fruitlab, and cashbackAPP as the network is processing more than 18m historical transactions on route to a roadmap target of 1 billion layer-2 transactions.
The Aventus staking program lets $AVT token stakers act as transaction validators for any of the 10 AvN nodes. In exchange, stakers earn their share of the millions of network transaction fees that they can then withdraw on a monthly basis thanks to the Validator Smart Contract (Ethereum validator registration smart contract).
Aventus Network
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Official website: https://www.aventus.io