DarkSolana is a decentralized derivatives primitive for risk-based applications built on the Binance blockchain. Through a series of native protocols, DarkSolana provides the framework and infrastructure for a robust, fully-functional decentralized exchange for derivatives contracts (futures and options) and parimutuel contracts.
Network value accrues from transaction fees generated within the protocols. One hundred percent of the transaction fees are shared between staked DarkSolana token holders, specialized node operators, active participants, network treasury, and developer pools vital to the network ecosystem and functionality.
✅ Limited Supply of 3.5 Billion
✅ 100% DARKSOL Bonus per Refferal
✅ Token will list $0.005 per $DARKSOL
🔄 Loan Restructuring
⭐️ Instant Funding
⚡️ Derivatives Protocol