Integrate Token Lists ( so that users can choose which token list to enable/disable for Ethereum mainnet in a similar way Uniswap/Sushiswap/Cowswap/Paraswap does.
Benefits for Users:
  • Users are free to manage which lists the enable/disable.
  • Users can easily import tokens not on Zapper default list.
  • Better coverage for all tokens
  • Build trust in some tokens when they are part of several lists
  • Some lists such as Kleros Tokens TCR are open and decentralized meaning the listing process is uncensorable but still secure.
Benefits for Zapper:
  • Zapper will not have to keep managing coin/token requests manually and thus will save on resources costs.
  • Zapper cannot be blamed of gatekeeping/censoring as the listing is delegated to the token lists.
  • The existing Zapper token list can still be a default one