is an upcoming play to earn auto battler where you can fight it out against other players Lucha Libre style! Just like the Luchador NFTs themselves, the gameplay mechanics will be 100% onchain so these Luchadores can battle for as long as the blockchain stands.
Thanks to the Mirror solution, the Luchadores NFTs (ERC 721) are on Ethereum Mainnet while the LUCHA token (MRC-20) and interactions in-game are on the Polygon blockchain to minimize gas fees. Lucha token allows learning new skills, naming Luchadores, purchasing wearables ...
100,000,000 LUCHA will be mint over several years, 6.18 million tokens are redistributed to holders of Luchadores NFTs (ERC 721), smoothed over the first year. The remaining LUCHA will be redistributed to the most valuable fighters.
Token Name : Lucha
Token Symbol : $LUCHA
Blockchain Platform : Polygon
Circulation Supply : 81,000
Max Supply : 100,000,000