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Add Amp’s Staking Platform ‘Flexa Capacity’ To Platforms
Hey guys! With the recent changes on how Amp is shown on Zapper's dashboard, we have a new request. ------------------------------------------------- Proposal: We would like to add Amp’s staking platform Flexa Capacity ( ) to the Platforms section of the dashboard. ------------------------------------------------- When Flexa Capacity is clicked, we would like the /protocols/ethereum/flexacapacity page to display two tables. ------------------------------------------------- First table: A. Columns a. Staked - Name of token, AMP b. Balance - Total tokens supplied (staked) c. Value - US Dollar value of total tokens supplied Note: The data in this table can be the same data from the Deposits section for Amp. ------------------------------------------------- Second table: A. Columns a. Earned - For the first row we want text ‘Historical Earned Amp’ with the Amp logo b. Balance - For the first row we want all historical rewards earned from staking c. Value - For first row we want the US Dollar value of all historical rewards Note: The Balance and Value should pull the Amp data that was previously in the Yield Farming Section - if needed, we can send the Capacity API document again, reach out to me on Twitter @bubby_io ------------------------------------------------- Attached is the Flexa Capacity logo. Thanks for the support Zapper!
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