BondAppétit is the first DeFi protocol (as of April 2021) with a stablecoin fully backed by real-world assets with fixed periodic income.
BondAppetit Governance token ($BAG) will receive periodic income generated by the collateral for their stable coin USDap.
USDap is a 100% collateralised stable coin, which can be minted by collateralising your USDC. The USDC collateral will be used to invest in real-world assets for periodic income that will be distributed to BondAppetit Governance token holders
===Three BAG Liquidity Pool===
BondAppétit Governance ($BAG) token address - 0x28a06c02287e657ec3f8e151a13c36a1d43814b0
1) USDC(USD Coin)
BAG/USDC LP (UNI-V2) - 0xf3bc6f13bc030e7c294da2aad27b99807bc5f8fd
BAG/USDC LP Staking Contract - 0x1c66017AAd551dDbAEE6085a8619A5063963fCB7
2) USDT (Tether)
BAG/USDT LP (UNI-V2) - 0x1F84342C2527553E2B64AE4c9B854adb10bD6Cb8
BAG/USDT LP Staking Contract - 0x4E5E8c5294F492865CAe4E4E92cDD8C499FfdEcC
3) USDN (Neutrino USD)
BAG/USDN LP (UNI-V2) - 0xf855d905888ff48c1a716a0d184ff5ca02909baf
BAG/USDN LP Staking Contract - 0xd1f8E97f5Af0233888f60dC40c4FaD2e1aC2F259
===One USDap Liquidity Pool===
USDap token address - 0x9a1997c130f4b2997166975d9aff92797d5134c2
USDap/USDC LP (UNI-V2) - 0x5393b489e9bfb09be9cac59ed5c65cacc55cdebd
USDap/USDC LP Staking Contract - 0x4E995D583D54bdc755748D11D429ABdaAdCFA0B7