Polly Finance is part of the Bao Ecosystem and is a completely community-driven platform where users can create and manage diverse baskets of tokens on Polygon, called nests. Nests have autonomous rebalancing and yield farming in a variety of protocols.
PollyFinance's nDEFI Nest is an automated, decentralized and non-custodial basket of tokens consisting of leading projects and protocols in the DeFi ecosystem. This "Nest" allows users to manage broad exposure to the key building blocks of the future of finance all while holding one token. The Nest system that holds these underlying tokens automatically allocates them to top farming opportunities so a users Nest can continue to grow, all while holding tokens across key projects in infrastructure, lending markets, decentralized exchanges, synthetics and yield aggregators. The Polly Finance nDEFI Nest values, allocations, reweighting and farming strategies are set by decentralized governance as voted on by the community.
POLLY is the governance token for the Polly Finance platform. Holders can use their tokens to vote on proposals to further the ecosystem, including the composition of nests, strategies they will follow and the future direction of the project. POLLY can be earned by participating in the yield farming program, which distributes tokens to users of the platform.
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Can we please have the various farms & associated rewards available through Polly Finance to be added the farming protocols available through this website.